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  • How much does it cost to record at The Studio?
    Our recording prices start at £250 for an 8 hour day, with a minimum booking of half a day (4 hours). However in reality we like to work with you to develop a bespooke package, do get in touch and let us know what you're looking to do and we'll work on a quote for you
  • What is included in the price?
    Full use of the studio and kicthen, tea, coffee etc. an engineer and all the equipment on the studio. We also have a large meeting room which can become a chill out and games room, please let us know if this space will be important to your sessions as the building is used by companies and we need to be aware at the booking stage of specific requirements / desires. We'll provide a couple of CDs and digital downlaods of the finished mixes/masters
  • Do you provide mastering?
    We would always advise that you use a seperate professional mastering engineer for your projects. The equipment and skills they have are dfiferent to that of a conventional studio and more importantly we are firm believers that the fresh pair of ears a mastering engineer brings to your project is invaluable. We have really good relationships with a wide variety of mastering engineers and can advise on this. That said if budget really is against you then we do provide some basic mastering as standard.
  • How do I book and do you require a deposit?
    We can discuss and book your sessions via email or over the phone. If you're new to us and its your first time here then we ask for a 25% deposit. The deposit is only non-refundable if you cancel the session outright, if something crops up and you need to move your session we'll do our best to accomodate another time.
  • Can we take away raw files from our session?
    We're happy to provide the raw audio from your session with us. Likewise if you'd like to bring audio prepared at home in to add to your session here thats all fine to.
  • What happens to the files from my session?
    We keep all project sessions on backup hardrives for at least a year following your session. There is a good chance we will keep them beyond this but offer no guarantees.
  • Is there parking at the studio?
    The studio has a large private car park, you'll have no problems parking here.
  • We love the studio but will be travelling a distance to use it, can you provide accomodation?"
    Whilst we aren't able to provide accomodation at the studio we are currently working with a number of local hotels and holiday cottages to be able to provide discounted local accomodation. Do get in touch about this and we will certiainly be able to advise.
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